laser tag

Laser Tag

(Tax not included in prices)

1 game: $7.00 per person

2 games: $12.00 per person

3 games: $16.00 per person

(Sales taxes are not included)
Up to 24 people can play in one session.

Arcade games

Arcade Games

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(Tax not included in prices)

Rental Shoes:
$3.49 per pair
Size 5 & under: $2.99 per pair

Wednesday 9A-10P
$2 per game/person; rental shoes $2/person; laser tag games $4/person

Tuesday-Friday 11am – 6pm  
$2.99 per game

Tuesday-Thursday 6pm – 11pm
$3.99 per game

Friday 6pm – 8:30pm
$3.99 per game
8:30 pm – 11pm
$4.99 per game

Saturday 11am – 8:30pm     
$3.99 per game

Sunday 1pm – 10pm
$3.99 per game

Friday & Saturday 9:00pm – 1am
$4.99 per game- Cosmic Bowling!

Sunday 1pm – 10pm
$3.99 per game